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visit 3 traditional wineries in different locations | wine testing | wine museum.



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Once in Santorini, try our wines as they are believed to be the best ones in Greece.

You can have a glass of wine at a bar or at a restaurant, but this would be just the very beginning of your wine trip in course of time and history. Since Santorini has the oldest vineyards in Europe, or maybe even in the whole world, you realize that the island has much more to offer you in terms of good wine. We’ve got the unique flavours to satisfy even the most demanding customer!

Special conditions of grapes’ growing – volcanic soil, lack of rains, high humidity at night and of course special varieties of grapes – contribute to the great taste of our wines. You can learn more interesting facts about them when you visit several wineries and a local vineyard during your Wine Tour. Our grapes have stayed untouched by Philoxera that destroyed the vineyards in many countries all over the world making the experience of wine tasting in Santorini even more surprising.

Lately Santorinian wine producers introduce their products to the International Wine Competitions winning the highest prizes and Golden medals. The world gets to know the unique wines from our island and they are taking a special place in the hearts of all wine lovers. We can say that a glass per day keeps a doctor way as many cardiologists recommend a glass of a good red wine during your lunch to protect you from cardio disorders. Aside the great choice of excellent white wines Santorini is famous for we have very bright reds, what make real wine experts to appreciate our wine culture even more. The vineyards of Santorini are our national heritage. You can hear it once, read it many times but you’ve got to come here to live this exquisite wine experience. The grapes are being cultivated in Santorini in a very special way known in Greece as “kouloura”. Everything has to be done manually, yet taking into consideration our unique varieties, climate and weather conditions, all of that contribute to the cost of the grapes which is the highest in the whole country.

Some of the members of your party or family may not drink but they will be impressed with our cave wineries and wine cellars, with the unusual way of growing grapes, and they will learn a lot about the grapes of Santorini, too. Natural pumice caves where we keep wines are the best for it as they allow preserving the same temperature during the whole year. Santorini has many private wineries contributing to a big variety of wines you can find in the island. Some of the wineries themselves are real masterpieces on their own. Discover the unusual architecture visiting one or several of them to get even greater experience from Santorini!

We produce less wine than the number of visitors we have during the season. Therefore, it’s really hard to find a good wine from Santorini in other parts of Greece, and even in restaurants and supermarkets on the island itself. You can get the real idea of wine making in Santorini only after visiting several wine producers and getting acquainted with their precious product. Remember to smell each wine before tasting!